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About Us

We are a group of passionate photographers from Bodrum dedicated to showcasing stunning architecture spaces as well as the most spectacular corporate parties, yachts, and festivals along the Aegean coast.

We have professional equipment and more than 15 years of experience of creating unforgettable photos and films. Our goal is to truly capture every detail and angle in the most sunning light. When it comes to capturing rooms,  lighting inside and out of a home or business, we can promise we will deliver exceptional results.


Beyond photography, we can also provide aerial drone shots and videography highlight videos showcasing your home, business, or event like never before. 

We are ready for you, we love Bodrum, but also are eager to travel and discover new places, so send us an email at for special prices and packages.

Have a special event coming up? Is it a grand opening of a hotel or your compacy retreat? We can help you with that too. Inquire with us today to discuss your project. While you’re here, check out the gallery and sample video below.



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